Pro-Shot Video: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Perform With Marcus King At Peach Music Festival


Last month’s The Peach Music Festival at Montage Mountain Scranton, Pennsylvania featured a bevy of collaborations. One of the first sit-ins of the event took place on Thursday, July 19 when Pigeons Playing Ping Pong jammed with guitarist Marcus King. Peach Music Festival organizers shared pro-shot video of King’s guest spot on YouTube.

King emerged towards the middle of Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s Peach Stage set for an extended version of “Lightning.” The Marcus King Band’s horn section sat-in with Pigeons earlier in the evening. PPPP guitarist Greg Ormont welcomed King by telling the crowd, “We had the horns now let’s have the man himself.” Ormont also changed the first line of the song from “Wyatt’s on the move” to “Marcus’ on the move.”

The Baltimore-based quartet and Marcus King treated fans to a 13+ minute “Lightning” filled with blues riffs and plenty of call-and-response between King and Jeremy Schon. Bassist Ben Carrey and drummer Alex Petropulos kept the pocket deep and Ormont provided chunky rhythms while Marcus and Jeremy went back and forth with jaw-dropping riffs.

Watch Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and Marcus King’s “Lightning” from July 19: