Pro-Shot Video: Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Perform “I Need A Miracle” At Brooklyn Bowl


Before Joe Russo’s Almost Dead took the stage for what was supposed to be a one-off tribute to the Grateful Dead at Brooklyn Bowl in New York City on January 26, 2013; I don’t think there’s anyone who would’ve guessed guitarist Scott Metzger would be the perfect guy in the scene to sing the songs of Bob Weir. Yet over three years later, Metzger’s Bobby vocals are a key component of what makes JRAD so special.

Scotty’s vocals on “I Need A Miracle” from Almost Dead’s March ’16 run at the venue where it all started for the band show the bark and bite Metzger adds to Weir tunes. Combine that element with the “break through the normal boundaries of the song” jamming Joe Russo & Co. embark on when you least expect it and you have a wonderful way to spend 11 minutes and 33 seconds in the form of professionally-shot video of “I Need A Miracle” from March 25. Watch the footage just shared by JRAD:

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