Pro-Shot Video: The Barr Brothers Full Performance On KEXP


Seattle radio station KEXP recently shared a live session from The Barr Brothers. The band led by brothers Brad Barr and Andrew Barr played five songs off their latest studio album, Queens Of The Breakers at Breakglass Studios during POP Montreal 2017 on September 16.

Brad led the touring version of the group through “You Would Have To Lose Your Mind” to begin the session. The set rolled on with “Kompromat” and the title track from Queens Of The Breakers. Brad’s guitar skills and tapping were on full display throughout the former and he explained the origins of the title track before the latter including how they would take psychedelics and dress up in their mother’s clothing to go exploring a Vanderbilt mansion built in the 1800s.

The fourth tune of the session was “Song That I Heard,” a quieter composition featuring Brad on acoustic and Andrew on keyboards as well as other members of the group on vocals and a french horn. For the finale, “It Came To Me,” The Barr Brothers rocked out hard. The band begins a North American Tour on November 24 in Montreal. Jam fans might recall the Barrs got their start in the scene as two-thirds of The Slip.

Watch the performance from Montreal below:


You Would Have To Lose Your Mind, Kompromat, Queens Of The Breakers, Song That I Heard, It Came To Me

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