Pro-Shot: Midnight North With Bob Weir & Phil Lesh ‘Playing In The Band’

By Andy Kahn May 27, 2016 11:12 am PDT

Last year, Bay Area outfit Midnight North held a show at the intimate SOB’s in New York City on November 4. That evening the group was joined by special guests and Grateful Dead bandmates Bob Weir and Phil Lesh. Midnight North captured the concert on video and more official footage of the sit-in has been shared by the band.

Lesh – whose son Grahame Lesh is a member of Midnight North – was announced as a special guest prior to the concert in NYC. Bobby’s additional appearance was not anticipated as he surprised the crowd by accompanying the elder Lesh as the pair of founding members of the Dead emerged to play their original “Mr. Charlie.” Weir stuck around for the subsequent “Playing In The Band” before exiting to leave Phil, Grahame and the rest of Midnight North who then also played “Cumberland Blues,” “Bird Song,” “Wind And Roses” and “Unbroken Chain.”

Official video footage of “Playing” was captured by several GoPro cameras mounted around the stage and has been shared on the Midnight North YouTube channel. Watch the 11-minute performance here:

Here’s what Midnight North guitarist Grahame Lesh told JamBase back in November about the song choices for the evening:

There is something of a reason for all of the songs. Most of the songs Bobby led (“West LA,” “Looks Like Rain,” “Playin’ In The Band”) were tunes we had backed him up on at a recent Rainforest Action Network benefit concert. “West LA” had been his choice, and “Looks Like Rain” sounded especially cool with him and Elliott [Peck] dueting on some of those verses. After the first two we brought out my dad for “Mr. Charlie,” which we had planned for Elliott to lead. She really rocks that one – we do it often even without special guests! After that we wanted to jam a bit on “Playin’” before Bobby had to head out. And of course, my dad stayed up for “Playin’” and then a few more tunes, which included one of ours, “Wind & Roses,” that he likes playing whenever he sits in.

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