Pro-Shot Full Show Video: Norwood Fisher & Mike Dillon Guest With The Dean Ween Group In Boulder

By Scott Bernstein Jul 13, 2018 2:57 pm PDT

The Dean Ween Group performed at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado on Thursday. Guitarist Dean Ween and his quartet were joined by special guests percussionist/vibraphone wiz Mike Dillon and bassist Norwood Fisher at various points of the evening. Professionally-shot video of the entire concert can be viewed below.

Deaner’s lineup for the evening saw him joined by guitarist Bill Fowler, drummer Sim Cain and bassist Dave Dreiwitz. The quartet opened with the Allman Brothers Band-inspired instrumental “Dickie Betts.” Ween & Co. continued on with “Waste Station Nine” off rock2 before returning to 2016’s The Deaner Album for “Exercise Man” and “Garry.” Next up was “Frank” off Ween’s sophomore studio album The Pod.

The Mike Dillon Band opened for The Dean Ween Group. Dillon made his first appearance of The Dean Ween Group set on percussion for “Fingerbangin’.” Mike D. moved over to vibes for “The Ritz Carlton” before vacating the stage for Ween outtake “I Wuz Nothing.” Dillon returned to the stage for “Kill The Guy Will The Ball,” which came complete with a jam on “Jin-go-lo-ba.” Fishbone bassist Norwood Fisher has been touring with The Mike Dillon Band and both Norwood and Dillon helped out on “Mercedes Benz” and a cover of Bootsy Collins’ “I’d Rather Be With You.” Bill Fowler handled vocals on the Bootsy cover.

Last night’s concert rolled on with rock2’s “Love Theme From Skinheads Kicking Your Ass” featuring Dillon on percussion. Dreiwitz then had a turn on lead vocals for “It’s Gonna Be A Long Night” off Ween’s Quebec LP. The set concluded with a tender “This Heart Of Palm” highlighted by impressive interplay between Deaner and Bill Fowler. When The Dean Ween Group returned for the encore, they were joined by Dillon on vibraphone for “The Rift.”

Watch pro-shot footage of last night’s show thanks to starting with the Mike Dillon Band set and continuing with The Dean Ween Band set (Note: the sound is really low for “Dickie Betts” but returns to normal during “Waste Station Nine”):

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Set: Dickie Betts, Waste Station Nine, Exercise Man, Garry, Frank, Fingerbangin’*, The Ritz Carlton*, I Wuz Nothing, Kill The Guy With The Ball*, Mercedes Benz*^, I’d Rather Be With You*^, Love Theme From Skinheads Kicking Your Ass*, It’s Gonna Be A Long Night*, This Heart Of Palm

Encore: The Rift*

  • * – w/ Mike Dillon
  • ^ – w/ Norwood Fisher

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