Prince’s Love Songs Valentine’s Day Spotify Playlist


Last Sunday, streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music finally began hosting the majority of Prince’s stellar Warner Bros. Records catalog. The late great musician was a notorious streaming hold out, but his estate made his records beginning with 1978’s For You through 2014’s PLECTRUMELECTRUM and ART OFFICIAL AGE available just in time for Valentine’s Day today.

While Prince managed to write a song about the pending millennium and the soundtrack to a superhero movie, the vast majority of his compositions in one way or another dealt with romantic relationships. The Purple One’s penchant for writings songs about love, lust, sex and heartbreak was prevalent throughout his all-too-short career. He often employed provocative and controversial lyrics to paint explicit images of the many kinds of intimate interactions that happen between all types of people.

The Valentine’s Day Spotify Playlist below collects many of Prince’s well-known love songs like “When Doves Cry” and “Kiss” alongside a few lesser-known deep cuts such as “My Love Is Forever” off For You. The 20 career-spanning tracks may not be the typical tunes you hear on February 14th, but on a day meant to honor love there are few other musicians that celebrated the passion between two people more so than the late great Prince.