President Obama Grants Deadhead Clemency From Life Imprisonment

By Scott Bernstein Aug 30, 2016 2:20 pm PDT

Timothy L. Tyler is a Deadhead who was sentenced to life imprisonment back in 1994 after being busted selling a large quantity of LSD in 1992. Tyler fell victim to mandatory minimums imposed as part of the War On Drugs, though his previous two convictions resulted in probation. Today, the now 47-year-old still-incarcerated music fan who used to tour with the Dead was one of several people whose sentence was commuted by President Barack Obama.

Thanks to the order from the president, Timothy’s prison sentence has been commuted to expire on August 30, 2018, conditioned upon enrollment in a residential drug treatment program. Tyler’s 1992 arrest and 1994 sentencing came after he sold 13,045 hits of acid to an informant. As per a memo prepared by his probation officer and reported on by Business Insider, “Tyler only netted about $3,000 from ‘a very loosely woven conspiracy’ that involved selling acid to ‘friends, family and business acquaintances.'” He then pleaded guilty to the government’s charges.

Timothy wasn’t even allowed to listen to music until 2012, when he was finally given an MP3 player on which he listens to his beloved Grateful Dead. Check out HeadCount’s article from June or watch the video below for more on Tyler’s story.

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