San Francisco Giants Pitcher Jake Peavy Covers Grateful Dead & Jason Isbell


MLB Network’s The Rundown recently featured a profile on San Francisco Giants pitcher Jake Peavy which focused on his love of music. Peavy likes to wind down by playing guitar and singing. In the clip below he shows off his talents by performing “Truckin'” by the Grateful Dead and Jason Isbell’s “Traveling Alone.”

Peavy came to the attention of Deadheads earlier this summer when he dropped $15,000 for a Fare Thee Well poster and attended the Santa Clara shows. When Jake heads to the pitching mound at AT&T Park “Truckin'” plays over the PA and when he steps to the plate for an at-bat “Shakedown Street” is his tune of choice.

In addition to covering the Dead and Jason Isbell, Jake also discusses how music mellows him out between starts during his appearance on The Rundown. Former Giants coach Tim Flannery makes an appearance in the feature as he turned Peavy on to playing guitar and writing songs. Watch the feature: