Pink Talking Fish & Kung Fu Welcome Guests At Wanee For Prince / David Bowie Tribute

Talking Heads/Pink Floyd/Phish tribute act Pink Talking Fish played a pair of guest-filled sets on Saturday at the Wanee Festival in Live Oak, Florida. In the afternoon the band performed its typical mix of material, while a late night set featured Kung Fu and members of Turkuaz joining in for a tribute to Prince and David Bowie.

PTF’s afternoon set saw Kung Fu’s Rob Somerville add sax to “Money.” The performance also included a wild “Divided Sky” > “Burning Down The House” > “Divided Sky” > “Another Brick In The Wall” > “Divided Sky” sequence and Turkuaz vocalists Shira Elias and Sammi Garett contributing to “Genius Of Love.”

A set dubbed “Pink Talking Fu” focused solely on material by Prince and David Bowie to close out this year’s installment of Wanee. The nine-piece ensemble was aided by Elias on “Under Pressure” ahead of Shira and Sammi singing a version of “Kiss” that featured Michaelangelo Carubba on percussion. Carruba stayed out for the bulk of the set while both Turkuaz vocalists also contributed to “Young Americans” and “Purple Rain.” The Turkuaz horns of Greg Sanderson and Chris Brouwers were on hand for “Let’s Dance” and “Sexy MF.” Elias also helped out on “I Wanna Be Your Lover,” “Purple Rain” and the “All The Young Dudes” encore.


[Space Oddity > Sexy MF | Captured by CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS]

[Let’s Go Crazy | Captured by WardenJune]

[Let’s Dance | Captured by WardenJune]

[Kiss | Captured by WardenJune]

[Under Pressure | Captured by WardenJune]

[Golden Years | Captured by WardenJune]

[1999 | Captured by WardenJune]


Pink Talking Fish (Afternoon)

Set: Nothing But Flowers > Simple > Money* > Thank You For Sending Me An Angel**, Tennessee Jed/Ocelot Mashup > Fearless*** > Halley’s Comet > Burning Down The House, Divided Sky > Another Brick In The Wall > Psycho Killer > Another Brick In The Wall > Divided Sky, Genius Of Love%, Have A Cigar > This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody), Frankenstein

  • * – w/ Rob Somerville on Sax
  • ** – w/ Runaway Jim tease
  • *** – w/ Bug tease
  • % – w/ Shira Elias & Sammi Garett on vocals

Pink Talking Fu (Late Night)

Set: Musicology, Fame > 1999, Golden Years > Take Me With You, Under Pressure*, Kiss*%+ > Drums+, Young Americans*%+, I Wanna Be Your Lover*+, Let’s Dance%%+, Let’s Go Crazy+, Space Oddity+, Sexy MF%%+, Heroes, Purple Rain+%+

Encore: All The Young Dudes+

  • * – w/ Shira Elias on vocals
  • % – w/ Sammi Garett on vocals
  • %% – w/ Greg Sanderson on sax and Chris Brouwers on trumpet
  • + – w/ Michelangelo Carubba on percussion
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