Photos & Setlists: Yonder Mountain String Band Celebrates New Year’s In Boulder


Yonder Mountain String Band once again held a pair of home state concerts to celebrate New Year’s Eve, staging shows on December 30 and 31 at The Boulder Theater. Special guests, fun covers and a special first set featuring YMSB members performing as duos and trios highlighted the celebratory performances.

Opening night featured a warm up set by supporting act The Railsplitters. YMSB took the stage to “Rambler’s Anthem” and capped the first set of the weekend with “All Aboard” featuring “Not Far Away” played within. Set two featured The Railsplitters’ Dusty Rider on banjo for a cover of Talking Heads’ “Girlfriend Is Better” and his band mate Lauren Stovall came out later in the set to add vocals to “Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms.” The set also saw a cover of Ween’s “Mister Richard Smoker” and closed with a rendition of “Only A Northern Song” that worked around a take on “Sidewalk Stars.”

New Year’s Eve featured Yonder Mountain String Band opening with a sequence of “All The Time” > “You’re No Good” > “All The Time.” At that point the quintet broke down to a duo of Ben Kaufmann and Adam Aijala for “Complicated,” while Dave Johnston joined the pair for a subsequent “Check Out Time.” A duo of Allie Kral and Jacob Jolliff then played “Wind & Rain,” followed by Jolliff and Aijala taking on “Kobe The Do.” The first set ended with “On The Run” opening up into Phish’s “Scent Of A Mule,” Bill Monroe’s “Wheel Hoss” and Ween’s “Piss Up A Rope” before returning to conclude “On The Run.”

YMSB’s second set on NYE ended with drummer Jay Elliott sitting-in on “Rubberband” > “Fingerprint,” Pink Floyd’s “Dogs” and the Grateful Dead’s “Touch Of Grey.” The Yonder-only encore saw the fivesome perform “New Dusy Miller” within “Casualty,” trailed by a show closing cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train.” Photographer Jeremy Williams was in Boulder on December 30, view his gallery below:


[Touch Of Grey]


December 31

Set One: All The Time > You’re No Good > All The Time, Complicated^, Check Out Time$, Wind & Rain#, Kobe The Dog@, I Know You Rider, On The Run > Scent Of A Mule > Wheel Hoss > Piss Up A Rope > Scent Of A Mule > On The Run

Set Two: Angel > Robots > Year With Rose > Angel, *Rubberband > *Fingerprint, *Pigs, *Touch Of Grey

Encore: Casualty > New Dusty Miller > Casualty > Crazy Train

  • ^ performed by Ben Kaufmann & Adam Aijala only
  • $ performed by Dave Johnston, Ben Kaufmann & Adam Aijala only
  • # performed by Allie Kral & Jacob Jolliff only
  • @ performed by Adam Aijala & Jacob Jolliff only
  • * with Jay Elliott on drums

December 30

Set One: Rambler’s Anthem, Kentucky Mandolin, Left Me In A Hole, Troubled Mind, Winds On Fire, Bad Taste, I’m Holding You, All Aboard > Not Far Away > All Aboard

Set Two: Finally Saw The Light, Girlfriend Is Better*, Eat In Go Deaf Eat Out Go Broke, Chasing My Tail, Rolling In My Sweet Baby’s Arms^, Richard Smoker, Love Before You Can’t, Landfall, Take A Chance On Me, Only A Northern Song > Sidewalk Stars > Only A Northern Song

Encore: Dancing In The Moonlight, Idaho

  • * with Dusty Rider on banjo
  • ^ with Lauren Stovall on vocals