Photos & Review: My Morning Jacket Covers Eagles Of Death Metal At Beacon Finale

By Scott Bernstein Nov 29, 2015 11:00 am PST

Images by: Andrew Blackstein

My Morning Jacket :: 11.28.15 :: Beacon Theatre:: New York, NY

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My Morning Jacket wrapped up a four-show run at the Beacon Theatre in New York City with their final show of 2015 on Saturday night. As promised, the Louisville rockers didn’t repeat any songs and wound up dusting off a handful of tunes that had gone missing in action over the course of the instant classic run. Saturday’s finale reached an emotional climax towards the end of the main set, when Jim James gave a speech, led a moment of silence and covered Eagles Of Death Metal with his mates.

Saturday’s show was already a master class in dynamics before James stepped to the microphone to start an incredibly emotional moment. Jim thanked the crowd for celebrating life with the band and noted how happy he and his band mates are that they have the kind of audience that would come to multiple nights. The frontman then mentioned the band recently watched Eagles Of Death Metal discuss their horrific experience in Paris when terrorists attacked at Le Bataclan and said the members of MMJ were in tears by the end. Jim James told the crowd Eagles Of Death Metal urged other acts to cover “I Love You All The Time” in order to raise funds for victims of the attack and that My Morning Jacket would perform the song after a moment of silence.

When Jim started his speech there were a few audience members yelling requests and trying to banter with James. After the frontman asked the crowd for a moment of silence, every single concertgoer obliged. It was almost eerie to hear the rambunctious NYC audience, which just moments earlier was screaming in delight, come to a complete and utter silence. No one said a word or made a sound until James ended the moment with a gracious “thank you.” From there, My Morning Jacket launched into a spot-on rendition of “I Love You All The Time” off EODM’s recently released Zipper Down LP.

[I Love You All The Time – captured by The Latest Electronic Noise]

“I Love You All The Time” fit MMJ like a glove and considering all the rarities the band worked into the Beacon run, one could be excused for thinking the cover was a deep cut off Circuital or Evil Urges. Speaking of deep cuts, the quintet had one major bust out in store for their final show of the year. “Death Is The Easy Way” returned on Saturday for the first time since August 26, 2012. The At Dawn gem was one of many rarities that made the setlist along with “Cobra,” “They Ran,” “Aluminum Park” and “Hillside Park.”

After making their way through a 16-song set loaded with rarities, the crowd went ballistic when MMJ opened the encore with “Wordless Chorus.” It seemed as if everyone in the audience knew all the words as the volume of the crowd’s vocal delivery was extremely loud. The improvisational highlight of the night came next as My Morning Jacket took “Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt. 2” out for a spin. Jim James started the song on Omnichord but strapped on his Flying V guitar a few minutes in. Drummer Patrick Hallahan laid down a funky beat, Bo Koster pounded away on piano and bassist Two-Tone Tommy held down the bottom end as James and Carl Broemel engaged in a psych-heavy guitar duel. At one point James and Broemel locked eyes and led a perfect transition into the beloved rarity “Cobra” which offered another round of jamming in a more atmospheric soundscape than “Touch Me.” The memorable concert, four-night stand and year of touring came to a close with a “Run Thru” > “One Big Holiday” sequence that barely left the historic theater standing by the time it was over. There weren’t many who didn’t know “One Big Holiday” was coming, but it didn’t stop concertgoers from screaming in delight when Hallahan started the familiar intro and exploding with joy when James and Broemel played its signature riff.

While a few fans complained about the pacing of the rarity-filled shows at the start of the run, Saturday’s finale had near-perfect flow. “Victory Dance” was an energetic opener that allowed Jim, sans guitar, to connect with the crowd and the band kept the energy up with “Compound Fracture” and “Evil Urges.” Sure, there were a few slower- paced songs worked in but whenever you’d see members of the crowd start to sit the band would throw in a “The Way That He Sings” or “Steam Engine” to liven the Beacon audience back up. My Morning Jacket then came out guns a blazing for the encore making for a wonderful end to a wonderful night and year for one of the best rock bands in the business.


My Morning Jacket at Beacon Theatre

  • Victory Dance
  • Compound Fracture
  • Evil Urges
  • Evelyn Is Not Real
  • Thin Line
  • They Ran
  • Hillside Song
  • Death Is the Easy Way  
  • I Think I'm Going to Hell
  • Sooner
  • The Way That He Sings
  • Aluminum Park
  • Master Plan
  • I Love You All the Time  
  • Smokin' From Shootin'
  • Steam Engine
  • Wordless Chorus
  • Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Pt. 2  
  • Cobra  
  • Run Thru  
  • One Big Holiday

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