Photographer Michael Weintrob Issues ‘InstrumentHead’ Book


Concert photographer Michael Weintrob has officially released his photography book InstrumentHead. The collection of musician portraits was published by Magnet Bound Press and includes images of 369 musicians and their instruments.

Among the artists and their instruments presented in InstrumentHead includes Mickey Hart, Derek Trucks, Bootsy Collins, Junior Brown, Scott Avett and many others. The idea for InstrumentHead came from a session Weintrob held in April 2000 with the Derek Trucks Band during which Todd Smallie put his bass down his shirt masking his face and creating the first “instrumenthead” image.

“I have long been fascinated by the special interrelationship of the individual to his or her instrument,” Weintrob said in a statement. “So I decided to place the instruments in front of their faces to blur the boundaries between each individual and the tools of their trade, aiming to get across my time-honored realization that this is where their heads are really at.”

Prior to its release, InstrumentHead was given the Independent Book Publisher’s Award for Most Outstanding book design. The 11” x 15” full-color book comes with the choice of three different cover options. Head here to order InstrumentHead and learn more about the project in the video below: