Phosphorescent Covers Randy Newman’s ‘Bad News From Home’

Matthew Houck prepped the initial installment of the new Phosphorescent 'The Full Moon Project' series himself.

By Scott Bernstein Jan 17, 2022 11:28 am PST

Phosphorescent, the project masterminded by Matthew Houck, unveiled a cover of Randy Newman’s “Bad News From Home.” The track is the first installment of Houck’s The Full Moon Project, a series in which a new Phosphorescent song will be released with each full moon.

The Full Moon Project was announced on Phosphorescent’s social feeds this past Monday. “I’ve been thinkin awhile now on how to release more music … Separate from the modern album release cycle … And all its requirements and pressures etc..,” wrote Houck. “Recently my tiny animal brain had an epiphany: ‘How dense are you, bub?’ it said ‘This is easy. Record it. Then put it out there. Duh.’ And then, ‘Maybe the moon can help. Look to it.'”

“For now it’s going to be exclusively cover songs,” added Houck. “There’s a mile-long list of songs … That’ve meant the world to me … And I’d like to try my hand at em.” While a graphic included with the announcement pegs the series as running through the end of 2022, Houck did mention he’d like to release new tracks to accompany the full moon, “for the rest of my natural life.” He is, however, “open to this thing evolving … Into whatever it wants to be (New songs, working demos, requests, mashups, ??).”

Matthew Houck recorded and produced Phosphorescent’s “Bad News From Home” track by himself. Randy Newman initially released the original on his 1988 studio album, Land Of Dreams.

Stream Phosphorescent’s “Bad News From Home” cover and read a note from Houck regarding The Full Moon Project below:

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