Phish Tour 2022 – Setlist, Recap & The Skinny: The Wharf Amphitheater Night 2

Highlights from the second night of tour included “Sigma Oasis,” “Mr. Completely” and “Golden Age.”

By Scott Bernstein May 29, 2022 5:09 am PDT

Phish returned to The Wharf Amphitheater on Saturday for their second of three concerts at the Orange Beach, Alabama venue to start their Spring + Summer Tour 2022. The band dusted off a pair of covers and took a number of songs deep as part of a well-constructed setlist on a night filled with memorable moments.

The quartet kicked off the action on Saturday with “Sigma Oasis,” the title track from their latest studio album. Guitarist Trey Anastasio shredded his solo accompanied by piano and synth stylings by keyboardist Page McConnell as the rhythm section of drummer Jon Fishman and bassist Mike Gordon provided a sturdy base. Phish soon began painting outside the lines for a funky improvisation akin to “Also Sprach Zarathrustra,” aka “2001.” Anastasio then led a move into an ethereal major key pattern as “Sigma Oasis” passed the 15-minute mark in becoming the longest version in the song’s history.

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Last night’s instant classic “Sigma Oasis” opener, which came in just shy of 20 minutes, was followed by a typically high-octane “Possum” in the two-slot. Next up was another well-played Gamehendge classic from the band’s early days in the year’s first “AC/DC Bag.” The four-piece then delivered the beloved “Reba.” Phish patiently built the “Reba” jam to a shimmering and strong peak filled with impressive interplay between Page and Trey to the delight of the Alabama crowd.

“Reba” came complete with its “whistling” section conclusion for the fourth time in a row and gave way to the 2022 debut of “Roggae.” Mike Gordon then stepped up to lead the group through a cover of Jimmie Dale Gilmore’s “My Mind’s Got A Mind Of Its Own” for the first time since October 25, 2013 — a span of 285 shows. From there, the quartet looked to Kasvot Växt for “The Final Hurrah” as fans could “taste the humidity.” Phish previously soundchecked the song debuted on Halloween 2018 one night earlier. The band went on to close the set with a deliciously weird “Free” featuring swirls of synth from McConnell underneath Anastasio’s angular leads.

Read on after The Skinny for the rest of the recap and more.

The Skinny

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The Setlist

Set 1: Sigma Oasis, Possum, AC/DC Bag > Reba, Roggae, My Mind's Got a Mind of its Own > The Final Hurrah > Free

Set 2: A Wave of Hope > Mr. Completely > Walk Away, Golden Age > What's the Use? > The Moma Dance, If I Could > Run Like an Antelope

Encore: I Am in Miami, Izabella

My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own was performed for the first time since October 25, 2013 (285 shows). Page teased Frankenstein in The Final Hurrah. Fish teased Mr. Completely in Walk Away.

The Venue

The Amphitheater at The Wharf [See upcoming shows]


2 shows
8/01/2014, 5/27/2022

The Music

8 songs / 8:13 pm to 9:30 pm (77 minutes)

10 songs / 10:06 pm to 11:36 pm (90 minutes)

18 songs
14 originals / 4 covers


27.89 [Gap chart]



My Mind’s Got A Mind Of Its Own LTP 10/25/2013 (285 Show Gap)

Sigma Oasis 19:15

My Mind’s Got A Mind Of Its Own 2:28

Lawn Boy - 2, Hoist - 1, Billy Breathes - 1, The Story of the Ghost - 2, The Siket Disc - 1, Kasvot Växt - 1, Sigma Oasis - 1, Sci-Fi Soldier - 1, Misc. - 4, Covers - 4

The Rest

77° and Clear at Showtime

Koa 1

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More Skinny

Phish launched Saturday’s second set with “A Wave Of Hope” from Trey Anastasio’s 2020 quarantine album, Lonely Trip. The quick opener led into an expansive “Mr. Completely.” The band wasted little time breaking through the song’s normal structure and embarking on an adventurous jam. Page focused on Wurlitzer melodies while Trey unleashed one furious riff after another as the “Mr. Completely” improvisation took full flight. McConnell eventually moved to Moog just in time for a dissolve into a cover of The James Gang’s 1971 hit “Walk Away.” Fish inserted a bit of the “Mr. Completely” intro into Trey’s “Walk Away” solo which was filled with fretboard fireworks.

“Walk Away” melted into “Golden Age” with the TV On The Radio cover given the full treatment in Orange Beach. The 60th “Golden Age” in the song’s 13-year history saw Page slide over to Wurlitzer and take the lead for a few potent minutes while Trey unleashed funky rhythmic work from his Languedoc. Anastasio then fronted a modulation to a blissful jam space the band expertly explored and built to a crowd-pleasing climax. Phish took their time peaking “Golden Age” multiple times before closing out the song.

“Golden Age” eventually faded to silence when Trey dropped into the emotion-laden instrumental “What’s The Use?” Next up was an unusually late placement for “The Moma Dance,” which was played a bit zippier than normal. A cool moment came during the jam when Anastasio let a note ring out as McConnell soloed. Phish took the energy down next with “If I Could” filling the ballad slot before the band closed the set with “Run Like An Antelope.” Fish threw in laughing and “Hard On The Beaver” samples into the “Antelope” intro ahead of a typically high-energy version of the staple.

The quartet gathered around a single mic with Trey on acoustic to start the encore with “I Am In Miami.” The song made its second appearance after ending their Sci-Fi Soldier set last Halloween in Las Vegas. Anastasio then thanked the crowd and talked about his appreciation for the state before Phish busted out a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Izabella” for the first time since December 8, 2019 and only the third time since 1998 to finish the concert.

Phish concludes their three-night run at The Wharf Amphitheater in Orange Beach, Alabama tonight, Sunday, May 29. A livestream is available to watch via

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