Phish Tour 2022: Noblesville Night 2 – Setlist, Recap & The Skinny

Watch the band unveil the slow version of "Maze" as their encore at Ruoff Music Center.

By Ryan Storm Jun 5, 2022 6:30 am PDT

Phish delivered a smoking hot show to a receptive and energetic Deer Creek crowd on the second of three nights in Noblesville, Indiana to close out their 2022 spring tour.

Taking the stage just after 8 p.m., the band opened with Kasvot Växt dance number “Turtle in the Clouds” – its first appearance of the year and setting the trend for yet another show littered with 2022 debuts. “Undermind,” a rare mid-set “Drift While You’re Sleeping” and Shuggie Otis cover “Strawberry Letter 23” came next ahead of the night’s first dose of improv – “Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan” in its first appearance since 2019. At a 58-show gap, the longest in the song’s history, expectations were high for “Stealing Time” and its untapped jam potential.

Despite some early signs from guitarist Trey Anastasio that it might depart its traditional structure, we were served a compact and well-executed jam that landed just under nine minutes before Phish played animal-themed songs “Runaway Jim” and Jeff Holdsworth-penned “Camel Walk.” Another “micro-jam” came in “Timber (Jerry),” which coasted upon a bed of keyboardist Page McConnell’s Yamaha CS60 synth into a brief modulation that hinted at bigger things. These would not come to pass, however, as Trey quickly reined in the improv in favor of “Julius.”

While most expected the upbeat rocker to close the set, Phish had a surprise in store and drummer Jon Fishman kicked into the distinctive “Split Open and Melt” drumbeat. While “Melt” was shorter than many of its peers played since 2018, this one overflowed with musical ideas. From Trey’s droning and looped dissonant notes to Page’s incredible synth textures, the spacey jam built to a space somewhere in between major and minor key. While we may be accustomed to rocky returns at the endings of songs, bassist Mike Gordon made sure the ending to “Melt” was smooth as butter. Subtly dropping back into the jam’s native C-sharp minor underneath a thick soup created by Trey and Page, the attentive crowd was sent into setbreak on a high note.

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The Skinny

The Setlist

The Venue

Ruoff Music Center [See upcoming shows]


27 shows
7/21/2003, 7/22/2003, 7/23/2003, 6/23/2004, 6/24/2004, 6/19/2009, 8/12/2010, 8/13/2010, 6/28/2012, 6/29/2012, 6/26/2016, 6/19/1995, 8/12/1996, 8/13/1996, 8/10/1997, 8/11/1997, 8/02/1998, 8/03/1998, 7/25/1999, 7/26/1999, 7/10/2000, 7/11/2000, 7/12/2000, 8/06/2021, 8/07/2021, 8/08/2021, 6/03/2022

The Music

10 songs / 8:07 pm to 9:26 pm (79 minutes)

7 songs / 9:59 pm to 11:25 pm (86 minutes)

17 songs
14 originals / 3 covers


18.12 [Gap chart]


All but A Wave Of Hope and Maze

Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan LTP 12/08/2019 (59 Show Gap)

You Enjoy Myself 23:54

Strawberry Letter 23 4:00

Junta - 1, Lawn Boy - 1, Rift - 1, Hoist - 1, Farmhouse - 2, Undermind - 1, Joy - 1, Kasvot Växt - 1, Sci-Fi Soldier - 1, Misc. - 4, Covers - 3

The Rest

82° and Mostly Sunny at Showtime

Koa 1

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More Skinny

For just the fourth time ever and the first time since May 9, 1989, “You Enjoy Myself” served as the opening song of the second set. Breezing through the composed section with minimal flubbing and building to a patient and blazing peak, Phish unveiled the second-ever (see December 31, 2021) “second jam” within “YEM,” emerging out of a brief vocal jam back into the song’s signature groove. We would not be left with a simple reprise of the earlier jam, however, and the quartet quickly modulated into gorgeous major-key play before segueing cleanly into “A Wave of Hope.”

Opening up for the first time into full Type II territory, the Lonely Trip track’s jam was dominated by keyboardist Page McConnell and his massive array of sounds. Coasting on a bed of synthesizer thanks to the Moog One, Page built a foundation in combination with piano for Trey to lead the gorgeous jam over. Featuring multiple modulations and another smooth return to the song proper (in stark contrast to endings earlier in the tour like the May 31 “Set Your Soul Free”), “A Wave of Hope” firmly established that it can and WILL jam – earning its spot as a strong second-set tune.

A pairing of “Bug” and a breezy “Gotta Jibboo” kept the Deer Creek crowd on their feet ahead of the fifth performance of Sci-Fi Soldier track “The Howling”. The most played track from 2021’s Halloween set, audience members’ desires for darker jamming were quickly sated as a machine-like groove took hold. Highly reminiscent of the second set from September 5, 2021, Trey employed his “dial-tone” effect as Fish and Mike held down the strong dance groove, capping the tune at just under 10 minutes.

Led Zeppelin classic “Good Times, Bad Times” closed out the second frame before the band unveiled a half-time take on Rift gem “Maze.” Cracking up throughout the slow arrangement that first debuted at the day’s soundcheck, Phish closed the show just before 11:30 on a high note.

Looking back on the 2022 spring tour ahead of the finale on Sunday night, we have been on the receiving end of some truly incredible jams and sets as well as some more uneven moments. June 5th at Deer Creek was a Saturday show absolutely full of energy and focused improv, teeing up the possibility for an absolute barn-burner on Sunday.

Phish heads into a five-week break before their summer tour begins on July 14 in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Tune in to the Noblesville tour closer tonight, Sunday, June 5 via a LivePhish webcast or a SiriusXM Phish Radio simulcast.

Maze (Slow Version)

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