Phish & RNC Dance Party Mashup So Good Some Thought It Was Real

By Scott Bernstein Jul 22, 2016 11:03 am PDT

Yesterday morning a video mashing up Phish‘s performance of “Sing Monica” from the previous evening with a dance party that broke out at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland was posted to Facebook and YouTube by videographer MKDevo. Twenty-four hours later the hilarious clip has racked up hundreds of thousands of views and was so good some even thought it was real.

We spoke to Dave Peck, aka MKDevo, about the mashup:

JamBase: How did the idea for the mash-up come together?

MKDevo: I woke up yesterday morning and one of the very first things I saw on twitter was an @andreanusinov tweet of the original video (with “My Sharona”) with a suggestion that someone should put a Phish song over it. I agreed, and went to work.

JamBase: Do you have strong feelings either way towards one of the candidates?

MKDevo: I do. And I had originally typed out a fairly long answer to this question. But then I thought about how many people have gotten a laugh out of the video, while talking politics is a much more serious, and even dark territory. So I’m going to pass and just let people keep enjoying my funny video, rather than crucifying me for my political beliefs.

JamBase: Were you surprised at the reaction it garnered?

MKDevo: Very! I figured it’d make the rounds and people would get a kick out of it, but not like this. Watching that view count (and number of shares) skyrocket throughout the day yesterday was pretty surreal. I guess it’s about as “viral” as something can be in our little scene here. It’s been a pretty rough month for me, and knowing that so many people were having a laugh at something that I did really made me feel good.

JamBase: How long did it take you to put the video together?

MKDevo: Not long at all. I downloaded the original at 8:33am and my version hit facebook at 8:48am.

JamBase: Why “Sing Monica”? Were you aware the irony (Lewinsky)?

MKDevo: Of course! Despite seeing some complaints that I didn’t pick a heady “Weekapaug” jam or something, that wasn’t what I was going for. I’d been setlist-watching the night before (BGCA3), and remembered seeing “Sing Monica” on there. I wanted something upbeat that was close to the tempo of “My Sharona” to match the video, and what better than a “Dad Rock” Phish song for a bunch of old white Republicans to dance badly to?! As soon as I lined up the first hand clap with [drummer Jon Fishman’s] first snare hit, I knew it was the right choice. I didn’t touch the video at all after that – just looped it over and over. It’s pretty great how often the video syncs up with the audio too, including bad clapping on 1 & 3.

JamBase: Have you heard from any of the “stars?”

MKDevo: I haven’t, but someone posted a comment on it last night in which they tagged their friend and said, “idk if you saw this but your mom is in this a lot lol”. A couple clicks later, and sure enough, said mom is the blonde in the striped shirt and white jeans. Pretty funny.

JamBase: Do you still tape/shoot Phish shows?

MKDevo: I do, though I only saw a show and a half this summer under some pretty weird/bad circumstances. Hoping for a Fall tour, as I love me some indoor Phish.

JamBase: We know you shoot and tape lots of up-and-coming jam acts, tell us one people need to have on their radar.

MKDevo: This may seem obvious from me at this point, as it’s been my answer for a while, but I’ll continue to say Dopapod. They are an amazing band that tours pretty much constantly, and they just keep getting better and better. I can’t get enough of them.

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