Phish Lyricists Tom Marshall & The Dude Of Life Tell Tales On ‘Under The Scales’

By Scott Bernstein Dec 19, 2016 7:21 am PST

Earlier this fall Phish lyricist Tom Marshall launched a podcast called Under The Scales. The latest installment of Under The Scales features another man who wrote a number of classic Phish songs, Steve “The Dude Of Life” Pollak.

Tom and The Dude spend the beginning of the episode talking about their early experiences with Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio. Pollak tells the story of a trip to Europe with Anastasio after they graduated from Taft, how “Slave To The Traffic Light” and “Fluffhead” came together, the origins of pre-Phish band Space Antelope and more. Tom also weighs in with a few amazing stories such as the night “Meatstick” was born, a Trey prank gone wrong and additional tales.

While the pair spend the majority of the episode talking about the early days, they do discuss most recent times. The Dude relays the lyrics of “Show Of Life” and digs into the meaning. Marshall comes to the conclusion Pollak is celebrating life in all his songs. Tom and Steve end the episode talking about their musical collaborations, which started at Festival 8 in Indio. Audio of the duo’s 2010 composition “Better Place” is aired as are the pair’s songs “Too Far Gone” and “Second Sight” (Anthony Krizan also contributed to the latter). Listen to the seventh installment of Under The Scales:
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