Phish Lyricist Tom Marshall Kicks Off Season 2 Of ‘Under The Scales’ Podcast


Between November of 2016 and October of 2017, Phish lyricist Tom Marshall presented the 35 episodes that made up Season One of Under The Scales. UTS is a podcast that finds Tom interviewing members of the Phish community and the first season included a pair of episodes featuring the band’s guitarist, Marshall’s co-writing partner and childhood friend – Trey Anastasio. Today, Marshall has launched the second season of Under The Scales.

Under The Scales kicks off Season Two with an episode featuring Tom chatting with Jason Pinsky. Jason caught his first Phish show in the early ’90s and eventually started working with the band. Pinsky went on the road to provide tech support for the group and entered setlists into between 2003 and the Coventry Festival in 2004. These days, Jason – who was crowned “King Of Mainstream Marijuana” – is an activist pushing for the legalization of cannabis. Pinsky also was the “cannabis producer” for 30 episodes of Viceland’s Bong Appetit and is a partner in the Williamsburg barbecue restaurant Fette Sau.

Listen to the season-opening episode of Under The Scales in which Tom dives into Jason’s history as a Phish fan, his time working for the Vermonters and his love of cannabis: