Listen To The Longest ‘Tube’ Performed By Phish

The funky, 17-minute performance took place 23 years ago today.

By Andy Kahn Sep 15, 2023 2:59 pm PDT

The ever-insightful jam chart listing for “Tube” includes 52 entries dating back to its debut in 1990. The longest Phish performance of “Tube” listed on its jam chart happened on September 15, 2000 during the second set of their show at Hersheypark Stadium in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The subject of “Tube” and the length of its performances has garnered attention in recent years. Comedian Harris Wittels, who sadly died of a heroin overdose at age 30 in 2015, was an outspoken proponent of “Tube” jams, broaching the subject on his terrific Analyze Phish podcast.

Speaking about the post-second-hiatus era of Phish on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast in 2013, Wittels succinctly described his issue with the length of “Tube,” telling Maron:

“‘Tube,’ which is a great song,” Wittels said, “used to be 15 minutes, is now three minutes. What’s going on?”

Following Wittels’ death in 2015, a petition was created in an effort to get Phish to jam “Tube” out on their tour that summer. Wittels received a mention from Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio during one of the “Beacon Jams” performances in November 2020 on the night he performed “Tube.”

The subject of “Tube” and the amount of improvisation it generates is the sole focus of the Twitter/X account DidTheyJamOutTube? (@TubeJamUpdate).

23 years ago Phish launched their second set at Hersheypark Stadium with a 20-minute “Piper” that segued into “Lizards.” Then came the longest “Tube” to date, spanning 17 minutes from start to finish. The jam chart entry describes the September 15, 2000 “Tube”:

“This incredible jam begins with fast-paced funk, while the jam reprise moves into type 2 territory with a space groove before reaching a rocking climax. > into ‘When the Circus Comes.’ Longest Tube to date.”

Set aside 17 minutes this Friday afternoon and listen to the longest “Tube” performed by Phish to date:


Set 1: First Tube, Gotta Jibboo, Corinna, Birds of a Feather, Windora Bug, Run Like an Antelope [1], Golgi Apparatus, Bittersweet Motel

Set 2: Piper > The Lizards, Tube > Jam [2] > When the Circus Comes, Character Zero

Encore: Possum

Antelope featured Tom Marshall and his daughter, Anna, singing the “Rye Rye Rocco” lyrics. Antelope also included a Yakety Sax (the Benny Hill Show theme) tease. The jam out of Tube reprised Tube proper and contained a Summertime tease from Page. Possum included Stash teases from Trey.

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