Phish Last Played Gamehendge Suite On This Date In 1994


Tonight, Phish continues summer tour at Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts – a venue best known to fans as Great Woods. The Boston area shed has hosted many memorable Phish shows over the years including the last performance of Trey Anastasio’s The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday suite, aka Gamehendge, on this date in 1994.

Phish’s last performance of Gamehendge came just two weeks after they played the suite as part of the famed “GameHoist” show in West Virginia on June 26, 1994. The Great Woods Gamehendge, the fifth performance of Anastasio’s TMWSIY suite, followed a similar script to the one in West Virginia. “Llama” opened the show and led into the second-ever live performance of Mike Gordon’s White Tape obscurity “N02.” As the bassist played the role of dentist, drummer Jon Fishman added vacuum to the mix and Trey set off the horn-like sound on his megaphone. At the end of “N02” Anastasio starts narrating the tale of The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday starting with “The Lizards.” Trey told the story in between takes of such Gamehendge songs as “Tela,” “Wilson,” “AC/DC Bag” and “The Sloth.” Phish brought what still stands as the final version of Gamehendge to a close with “The Divided Sky.”

The second set Phish laid down 22 years ago today was the icing on the cake. Not only does the closing stanza include a standout “Reba,” it features a phenomenal “You Enjoy Myself” > “Frankenstein” > “You Enjoy Myself” sequence. The set also contains the version of “Stash” found on Phish’s A Live One double-LP. A soundboard matrix recording of the second set can be streamed here.

Listen to a FOB audience recording of Phish’s entire July 8, 1994 show:

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