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This evening, Phish kicked off their fall tour with the first of three shows at Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, VA. The quartet made their “Mothership” debut on November 25, 1995 and returned in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2003, 2004 and 2009. Phish’s last visit in 2009 was their “reunion shows” after a nearly five-year breakup. Tonight’s performance, the Vermonters’ 16th at the venue, contained a mix of material from throughout their career and most likely be remembered for the exceptional version of “Carini” laid down in the second set.

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Hoist track “Wolfman’s Brother” served as opener, which gave the band their first chance to jam rather quickly. Trey Anastasio utilized his “Ocedoc” axe, an instrument he hadn’t used during the summer in favor of an older Paul Languedoc-crafted guitar. Anastasio put the “Ocedoc” to good use in a fiery “Wolfman’s” solo. “Runaway Jim” featured impressive interplay between all four members of the ensemble both in the mid-verse segment and the jam itself with Anastasio and keyboardist Page McConnell egging each other on with creative melodies. “Mound” continues to cement itself as a standard in the rotation and no longer a Phish rarity with its sixth performance of 2013. “Chalk Dust Torture” kept up the trend of high-energy, old-school originals to start the tour. McConnell then stepped into the spotlight with his own “Army Of One,” before bassist Mike Gordon had his turn to lead on a cover of “Nellie Kane.” Anastasio once again took control through an inspired “Stash” jam that contained a number of dark, eerie and electrifying riffs laid down one after another. The band struggled with the ending leading Anastasio to remark, “Page told me that was awesome up until the last note” before the guitarist blamed the flubbed ending on Fishman. Phish actually used the opportunity to correctly finish the song. The swampy “Ocelot” led into a deftly executed “Rift,” a quick turn towards “Bouncing Around The Room” and a typically powerful “Walls Of The Cave” that brought the opening stanza to a close.

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Phish came out for set two with “Twist.” After the band mashed their way through the Santana-esque first jam, Page hopped on his Wurlitzer 106p electric piano which gave the improvisation a completely different tone. Drummer Jon Fishman laid back into a more ethereal groove as the quartet entered “deep space” for the first time on the tour. Out of this spaciness “Free” emerged. Anastasio seemed pleased with himself when he worked the end of “Free” into “Roggae.” The gorgeous “Roggae” was followed by the concert’s third songs off Rift (“Sparkle”) and Picture Of Nectar (“Cavern”). One of the evening’s more interesting interludes was an evil and groovy “Carini” jam that saw McConnell offer potent organ blasts, while Anastasio added chunky rhythms to the mix. Eventually Trey settled on an anthemic chord progression that he used as the basis for a glorious peak that had hints of “Quinn The Eskimo” within. Not content to let the jam die, Page kept poking at the organ as Gordon laid down a slap-happy, envelope-filtered bass line. All in all, the quartet delivered a must-hear “Carini” that found Phish picking up where they left off this summer on the jamming-front.

A double-dose of reflective songs from 2009’s Joy came next in “Backwards Down The Number Line” and “Twenty Years Later.” The band kept on the mellow side with “Wading in the Velvet Sea” before sending the crowd into overdrive on the high-octane “Run Like An Antelope.” Anastasio took a moment before the “rye rye rocco” segment to point out Mike Gordon’s glow-in-the-dark sneakers (see the photo below). Trey then said Mike would take a solo with a drill and true to the statement the bassist tapped the strings of his instrument with an electric drill making for a wild ending to both the song and set. Phish went with a cover of Los Lobos’s “When The Circus Comes” to start the encore. The last time “When The Circus Comes” was played in the encore slot was on September 11, 1999 at The Gorge. “Suzy Greenberg” sent the fans home on a happy note. Phish returns to the Hampton Coliseum tomorrow.

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Here’s The Skinny from Phish’s first of three 2013 shows at the Hampton Coliseum…

  • Venue Capacity / Attendance / Type: 13,800 / 10,000 (estimate) / Indoor Arena
  • Previous Shows at Venue: 15 Shows – 11/25/1995, 10/25/1996, 11/21/1997, 11/22/1997, 11/20/1998, 11/21/1998, 12/17/1999, 12/18/1999, 01/02/2003, 01/03/2003, 01/04/2003, 08/09/2004, 03/06/2009, 03/07/2009 and 03/08/2009
  • Number Of Songs / Length – First Set: 11 / 8:17 p.m. -9:39 p.m. (82 Minutes)
  • Number Of Songs / Length – Second Set & Encore: 12 / 10:12 -11:53 (101 Minutes)
  • Total Number of Songs / Covers / Originals: 23 / 2 / 21
  • Biggest Bustout: Nellie Cane -16 Shows (LTP -7/17/2013)
  • Tour Debuts: Entire Show
  • Average Song Vintage: 1995
  • Debuts: N/A
  • Weather: 62° Mostly Cloudy at Showtime
  • Average Song Gap: 4.09
  • The Spread: Lawn Boy -2, A Picture Of Nectar -3, Rift -3, Hoist -1, Billy Breathes -1, Story Of The Ghost -2, Farmhouse -1, Round Room -1, Undermind -1, Joy -3, Other – 3, Cover -2
  • Longest LivePhish Track / Shortest LivePhish Track: Carini 16:06 / Nellie Cane 3:36
  • Audio: Live Phish

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