Phish Performs Stellar ‘Free’ & Jams ‘Weekapaug Groove’ Into ‘Shafty’ In Mexico: Pro-Shot Videos


Phish released pro-shot videos from nights one and two of their four-night run at the Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico. The band shared footage of “Free” from the “welcome set” of opening night (February 20) as well as “Weekapaug Groove” into “Shafty” from the encore of night two (February 21).

Here’s JamBase’s take on “Free” from night one:

The short and sweet trip to the land of bliss was followed by a segue into “Free” complete with the capacity crowd going nuts for the “we’ll be splashing in the sea” lyric.

Phish connected on an anthemic and funky lead during another unusual “Free” after dozens of “seen one, seem them all” versions. Towards the end of an already stellar version, the band jammed on a Pink Floyd-esque soundscape similar to Chilling Thrilling Sounds Of The Haunted House track “Shipwreck” and McConnell inserted sound effects from both “Shipwreck” and “Your Pet Cat.” Anastasio also shouted “Rescue Squad!” in reference to the New Year’s Eve gag that went awry and the song he made up on the spot that night as techs led him to safety. The fun teases and quotes came ahead of Phish finishing “Free.”


Here’s a description of “Weekapaug” into “Shafy” from JamBase’s coverage of night two:

Seemingly out of nowhere, and certainly unexpectedly, Trey steered a segue into “Weekpaug Groove.” The rare “Weekapaug” without a prior “Mike’s Song” came with a stretched out and energized jam that ended with one more return to “Shafty.”

Watch “Free” and “Weekapaug Groove” into “Shafty” below:



Weekapaug Groove > Shafty