Phish Fits Rare Instrumental Within ‘Tweezer’ On This Date In 1995

By Scott Bernstein Jun 28, 2016 7:55 am PDT

Twenty-one years ago today Phish kicked off a two-night stand at Jones Beach in Wantagh, New York with a show highlighted by an exploratory, 30-minute “Tweezer.” The quartet worked the first version of the instrumental “Dave’s Energy Guide” in 479 shows within the “Tweezer” as well as a jam on “Cannonball” by The Breeders.

Phish opened the show with a first set containing many beloved classics including “Foam,” “Reba,” “Fluffhead” and “Chalk Dust Torture.” After beginning the second set with quick romps through “Sample In A Jar” and “Poor Heart,” the foursome lit into “Tweezer.” 1995 was a year filled with many amazing “Tweezers” of all shapes and sizes. The Jones Beach ’95 “Tweezer” finds the band exploring a handful of disparate jam spaces. After working over the typical dark and dirty “Tweezer” groove, guitarist Trey Anastasio leads his mates in a turn towards major-key glory. Around the 15-minute mark Phish hits on a glorious climax that almost sounds like the end of “Theme From The Bottom.”

Following the peak, drummer Jon Fishman picks up the beat and Anastasio focuses on rhythms while Page McConnell pounds away on the piano. Trey, Page and bassist Mike Gordon connect on a proggy pattern around the 19-minute mark and Anastasio leads them into the first “Dave’s Energy Guide” since March 8, 1991. While “DEG” has been teased dozens of times over the years, the Jones Beach version is most extensive one of the modern era. The guitarist offers variations of the “Dave’s” theme before settling in on a more ominous riff the foursome builds to another frenzied peak. Unlike the more pretty climax found earlier, this one is of a more dark variety. Phish then breaks down the beat for a few minutes of spacey exploration. Once the band had its fill of free-form jamming, Trey dropped a powerful riff and his mates quickly followed his lead. Anastasio varied the riff and eventually landed on the theme from The Breeders’ “Cannonball” and even sang a few lyrics from the 1993 hit. Thirty minutes in the Vermonters finally brought the glorious “Tweezer” to its conclusion by starting up “Gumbo.” All these years later we’re still waiting for another “Dave’s Energy Guide.”

Listen to a soundboard recording of “Tweezer” > “Dave’s Energy Guide” > “Tweezer” from Live Bait, Volume 10:

Watch fan-shot video of the “Tweezer” suite shared by Space Time Portal:

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