Pete Townshend Joins Grateful Dead In Germany In 1981


Back in March of 1981 the Grateful Dead headed across the Atlantic Ocean to perform four shows at the Rainbow Theater in London, England and one show in Essen, Germany. The concert held 35 years ago today at Grugahalle in Essen was filmed for the long-running Rockpalast television program and included a sit-in from The Who guitarist Pete Townshend.

After an extended “Drums” segment showcasing Bill Kruetzmann and Mickey Hart joined by The Flying Karamazov Brothers, Townshend emerged toward the end of the second set to add guitar to the often covered “Not Fade Away.” He stuck around for subsequent performances of the Jerry Garcia sung ballad “Wharf Rat” and a feisty Bob Weir led take on “Around And Around.” Locking up with Garcia to trade licks throughout the sit-in, Townshend slipped off stage just as the Dead began the set closing “Good Lovin.'”

Below is video from 35 years ago tonight of The Who and the Dead worlds colliding. Each of the three songs featuring Townshend sitting-in are presented individually followed by videos of the first and second sets from the show:

[Not Fade Away]

[Wharf Rat]

[Around And Around]

[Set One]

[Set Two]