Straight Rockers Edition: Pete Molinari, Arbor Labor Union & Chicago Farmer


Pete Molinari: Just Like Achilles

Sometimes it’s fun to dig around in niche genres and weird experimental corners of the music sound space and sometimes it’s good to just dig into some great rock and roll. This week I’ve got some of the latter for you, some maybe-not-on-your-radar folks making great rock music. Pete Molinari is a singer/songwriter from the U.K. and his new album Just Like Achilles fits the bill with one catchy let’s-listen-to-that-again song after another. Molinari’s sound swings with hints of favorites from the history of the genre, from the Beatles to Elvis Costello and many points in between. Good stuff, check it out, I think you’ll dig!


Arbor Labor Union: New Petal Instants

While your rock muscles are rolling, here’s another damn-fine must-listen for you. The band is Arbor Labor Union, out of Atlanta, and their newest release, New Petal Instants is a revelation of hard-choogling rock and roll. Part cosmic twang, part wild-eyed garage-psych, these guys seem to have mastered both the killer songwriting and explosive rock-out sides of the coin. Put this one and crank up the volume, Arbor Labor Union just might be your new favorite band.



Chicago Farmer: Flyover Country

We’ll finish up this week’s set with Flyover Country, the newest from Cody “Chicago Farmer” Diekhoff. The songwriter joined forces with Band Of Heathens to bring his latest set of songs to life. And dang, do they come to life on this one. All flavors of roots rockin’, from drunken country to aspirational folk rock to straight beer-bottle-slide bumpers, they’re all here on Flyover Country. The songwriting is sometimes aching, sometimes hilarious, a pure slice of real-life middle America, from the midwestern cities to the wide-open spaces between them. It’s honest, it’s real, it totally rocks. Enjoy!