EuroJams Summer Edition, Part 3: Penelope Isles, Trash Kit, Vanishing Twin & The Hi-Fires


Penelope Isles: Until The Tide Creeps In

We’ll finish this summer tour through Europe as we often do, in the United Kingdom. As always, so much to love coming from the British Isles. Have you heard Penelope Isles yet? If not, bet it won’t be long until these guys pop up on your radar. Their debut LP is Until The Tide Creeps In and it’s a strong first look for the Brighton rockers. On the surface, they might feel like just another (great) indie band, but with extended and repeated listening, the artistic scope, the grand scale, the subtle details, the thrill of their talent all becomes apparent. Give it a shot.


Trash Kit: Horizon

You know when you hear an album for the first time, those first few notes, the first bop of the drums, you perk up and you want more? Who are these guys? Good shit, right? Well, let me introduce you to London’s Trash Kit. The trio is out with their third album, Horizon, and it’s a revelation of African rhythm and exhilarating rock and roll. In the grand tradition of Eno-era Talking Heads or TuneYards, this is some addictive, propulsive musical joy. This is music that starts with the drums and moves forward to the bass, the guitar, the vocals — everything in ecstatic syncopation. Check it out, I think you’ll dig.

Vanishing Twin: The Age Of Immunology

While I always would prefer some of the old RecommNed favorites move out of under-the-radar status, it’s still fabulous to keep getting amazing new music from artists we fell in love with in years past. So, it’s definitely worth sticking around London for a bit to dig into The Age Of Immunology from Vanishing Twin who have been featured here going back to their debut EP a couple of years back. The new one is another masterpiece, dreamlike sound sculptures of blissed-out melodies and zone-out grooves. The ensemble folds in some heady social messages with the electronic-meets-analog musical collages. It’s another must hear from Vanishing Twin, enjoy!


The Hi-Fires: Return To Vega

Our three-week excursion ends with this fantastic new discovery that’s just out a month or so ago. The band is The Hi-Fires and the album is an imagined soundtrack to an alternate dimension of “French Kung Fu” of the 1970’s … or something like that. Maybe like an updated Shaft, with a bit of a hazy, stoner vibe and a dose of hip-hop rhythms swirling into an altogether funked-out sound. I highly recommend you give this one a spin, give ‘em all a good listen, you might just discover your new favorite music. Cheers fellow travelers, back next week!