Pavement Details ‘Terror Twilight’ Deluxe Reissue & Shares Previously Unreleased Track

Stream “Be The Hook,” one of 28 previously unreleased tracks featured on ‘Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal.’

By Scott Bernstein Jan 11, 2022 8:02 am PST

Pavement‘s fifth and final album, 1999’s Terror Twilight, is getting the deluxe reissue treatment. Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal features 45 tracks including the original album remastered, B-sides, outtakes, live recordings, demos and more. The band previewed the set, which arrives via Matador on April 8, with the previously unreleased track “Be The Hook.”

Matador had already put out similar collections for the first four Pavement LPs and now does the same for Terror Twilight as Pavement gears up for a reunion tour. Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal contains a total of 28 unreleased tracks. A particular treat are rough tracks from sessions held at Sonic Youth’s Echo Canyon studio that didn’t make the cut in 1999.


A 4xLP edition presents Terror Twilight in the order originally suggested by producer Nigel Godrich while the 2xCD edition uses the same sequence picked by the band. Both the 4xLP and 2xCD sets come with a book featuring never-before-seen photos and commentary from Godrich and Pavement’s Mark Ibold, Stephen Malkmus, Bob Nastanovich, Spiral Stairs and Steve West.

Stream Pavement’s never before heard “Be The Hook” below:

Terror Twilight: Farewell Horizontal LP Tracklist

LP1 – Side A

  1. Platform Blues
  2. The Hexx
  3. You Are a Light
  4. Cream of Gold
  5. Ann Don’t Cry

LP1 – Side B

  1. Billie
  2. Folk Jam
  3. Major Leagues
  4. Carrot Rope
  5. Shagbag #
  6. Speak, See, Remember
  7. Spit On a Stranger

LP2 – Side C

  1. The Porpoise and the Hand Grenade
  2. Rooftop Gambler
  3. Your Time to Change
  4. Stub Your Toe
  5. Major Leagues (Demo Version)
  6. Decouvert de Soleil

LP2 – Side D

  1. Carrot Rope (SM Demo) #
  2. Folk Jam Moog (SM Demo) #
  3. Billy (SM Demo) #
  4. Terror Twilight [Speak, See, Remember] (SM Demo) #
  5. You Are a Light (SM Demo) #
  6. Cream of Gold Intro (Jessamine) #
  7. Cream of Gold (SM Demo) #

LP3 – Side E

  1. Spit On a Stranger (SM Demo) #
  2. Folk Jam Guitar (SM Demo) #
  3. You Are a Light (Echo Canyon) #
  4. Ground Beefheart [Platform Blues] (Echo Canyon) #
  5. Folk Jam (Echo Canyon) #

LP3 – Side F

  1. Ann Don’t Cry (Echo Canyon) #
  2. Jesus in Harlem [Cream of Gold] (Echo Canyon) #
  3. The Porpoise and the Hand Grenade (Echo Canyon) #
  4. Spit On a Stranger (Echo Canyon) #
  5. Be the Hook #

LP4 – Side G

  1. You Are a Light (Jackpot!) #
  2. Terror Twilight [Speak, See, Remember] (RPM) #
  3. Rooftop Gambler (Jessamine) #
  4. For Sale! The Preston School of Industry (Jessamine) #
  5. Frontwards (Live) #

LP4 – Side H

  1. Platform Blues (Live) #
  2. The Hexx (Live) #
  3. You Are a Light (Live) #
  4. Folk Jam (Live) #
  5. Sinister Purpose (Live) #
  • #= previously unreleased
  • 2xCD features 1999 album sequence

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