Watch Paul McCartney Pull Off Virtual ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’ Duet With John Lennon At Glastonbury

See John and Paul team up once again.

By Nate Todd Dec 8, 2022 2:11 pm PST

John Lennon sadly died 42 years ago today when he was murdered in front of his New York City apartment by Mark David Chapman. As a member of The Beatles John Lennon seemed more like a god than a man. John always seemed wary of the idea of “God.” “God is a concept by which we measure our pain,’ he sang, and then sang again, in his aptly named 1970 solo classic “God.” That song and much of John’s solo material helped to show his fans that he was, indeed, a man. But Lennon as deity only increased after his death.

One of the most amazing aspects of Peter Jackson’s 2021 Get Back documentary was that it served to humanize not only Lennon but all the Beatles. Get Back showed that they were just four best friends having fun, doing what they loved and, inevitably, having disagreements. Fun, love and discord are universally relatable.

Paul McCartney kicked off his Got Back Tour in Spokane, Washington on April 28, 2022 marking his first show in nearly two years and first since the Get Back doc came out. During the show, McCartney unveiled a virtual collaboration with Lennon on “I’ve Got A Feeling” featuring footage from the “Rooftop Concert” of John singing his lyrical contribution to the predominantly Paul-penned song. Besides being an amazing bit of technological magic along with a stellar tribute to Lennon, the song just hit differently. It was no longer these gods up on stage, these icons. It was a guy getting to play with his best mate once again.

Paul closed out his Got Back Tour with a performance at England’s Glastonbury Festival complete with the virtual Lennon collaboration. To remember John, watch the performance below:

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