Patrick Carney’s New Band Sad Planets Announces Debut Album


Patrick Carney of The Black Keys and John Petkovic of Cobra Verde, Sweet Apple, Guided By Voices and Death of Samantha announced the formation of their new band Sad Planets. The duo’s debut album, Akron, Ohio, will be issued on April 19 through Tee Pee Records featuring the lead single “Not Of This World.”

Carney and Petkovic are natives of Akron, Ohio and met in 1999. Carney’s late uncle, multi-instrumentalist Ralph Carney, recorded with Cobra Verde. Petkovic handled guitar and vocals on the 10-track Akron, Ohio, which also features Carney on drums and “Enoesque synthesizers and other instruments.” Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis, who plays with Petkovic in Sweet Apple, appears as a guest on the record.

“When Patrick asked if I wanted to come to Akron to jam with him in the studio,” Petkovic said, “I saw it as a chance to work with a longtime friend, but also an opportunity to reconnect with Akron in a very different way.”


Stream “Not Of This World” below:


Akron, Ohio Tracklist

  1. Just Landed
  2. Not of This World
  3. Yesterday Girls
  4. City Ghosts
  5. Bad Cells
  6. Want You to Want You
  7. (Falling into the Arms of a) Refugee
  8. Long Goodbye
  9. Heaven’s Devils
  10. Disappearing

Tour Dates for Sad Planets