Hear Page McConnell Throwdown At moe.down 2006 With moe.

Listen to the Phish keyboardist contribute piano to a trio of well-jammed moe. tunes.

By Nate Todd Sep 1, 2023 9:55 am PDT

Phish keyboardist Page McConnell joined moe. on this date in 2006 during moe.down at the Snow Ridge Ski Area in Turin, New York. Page sat in on a trio of songs during the first night of the Buffalo-born band’s seventh annual event.

moe. launched their lone set on September 1, 2006 with a cover of Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla,” which kicked off a four-song seamless sequence that also included moe. classics “Spine Of A Dog” and “Plane Crash.” As the latter came to a close, McConnell emerged to add some piano stylings while the band trickled into another vintage number, “Buster.”

moe. stretched “Buster” out to 17 minutes with Page presiding over a healthy section of the jam with a piano solo that began jazzy but ramped up to rock with the band surging in behind him. A bit of banter about an ensuing hurricane followed ahead of the band introducing McConnell.

Next came a 20-minute “Mexico,” which boasted a peaks and valleys excusion that saw guitarists Al Schnier and Chuck Garvey intertwining rocking riffage ahead of Page delivering some cascading runs over the galloping groove from bassist Rob Derhak, drummer Vinnie Amico and percussionist Jim Loughlin. McConnell would stick around for “Blue Jeans Pizza,” meshing well with the band on the number the quintet had debuted a year earlier to cap off his guest spot. moe. then went it alone for a pairing of “Good Trip” and “Wind It Up” to seal the set before returning to encore with a 26-minute “Meat.”

Listen to Page McConnell’s sit-in with moe. below via full show audio taped by Rob Clarke:

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Setlist (via Phantasy Tour)

Set: Godzilla > Spine Of A Dog > Plane Crash > Buster[1] Mexico[1], Blue Jeans Pizza[1], Good Trip > Wind it up

Encore: Meat


[1] With Page McConnell

[Originally Published: September 1, 2022]

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