Oysterhead Reunites At Bonnaroo 2006


Today marks the anniversary of what currently stands as Oysterhead‘s final performance. Oysterhead came together five years after their first and only tour to play a set at Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee on June 16, 2006.

Composed of Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio, Primus bassist Les Claypool and The Police drummer Stewart Copeland, the supergroup first came together for a concert at New Orleans Jazz Fest in 2000 promoted by Superfly Productions. The next year saw the debut Oysterhead album The Grand Pecking Order and subsequent tour supporting their lone release to date. It wasn’t until Superfly booked acts for their 2006 installment of Bonnaroo that Anastasio, Claypool and Copeland retook the stage together, playing an afternoon main stage set at the festival.

In 2015 Copeland revealed the subject of more Oysterhead has been discussed “a lot,” with the threesome being “all really keen” about performing together again but busy schedules (like Trey’s commitment to the Fare Thee Well shows that summer) have prevented more output from the supergroup. Claypool also mentioned a failed attempt to reunite with Copeland and Anastasio in 2016 led to the formation of his new project with Sean Lennon The Lennon Claypool Delirium.

For the 2006 reunion the trio stuck to songs from The Grand Pecking Order for the one hour and 45 minute set. The entire performance can be seen in the video below as well as officially shared footage of “Pseudo Suicide” posted by Copeland:


Oysterhead at Great Stage Park

  • Little Faces
  • Oz is Ever Floating
  • Mr. Oysterhead
  • Army's on Ecstasy
  • Radon Balloon
  • Rubberneck Lions  
  • Shadow of a Man
  • Birthday Boys
  • Polka Dot Rose
  • Pseudo Suicide
  • Owner of the World

[Originally Published: June 9, 2016]