Online College Course Focuses On Phish

This summer Oregon State University is offering an online course that focuses on Phish. Philosophy School Of Phish is a four-credit class that will explore course content in the context of Phish Summer Tour 2014.

The course will be taught by Dr. Stephanie Jenkins and we have to imagine this is the only college course in which it’s a requirement to attend three concerts either in person or via webcast. Philosophy School Of Phish will run for a total of eight weeks between June 23 and August 15. According to the website for the course, “While teaching PHL 360, Dr. Jenkins will follow the 2014 Phish Summer Tour in order to do philosophy, facilitate discussions, and make educational materials publicly available to the Phish community.” There’s also a Philosophy School of Phish movie in the works.

If this course sounds good to you, head to OSU’s Ecatalog to sign up for one of the remaining spots.