Olivia Harrison Discovers George Harrison Song Written For Ringo Starr

 Photo by Robert Whitaker


In a recent interview Olivia Harrison, the widow of The Beatles guitarist George Harrison, revealed she had recently uncovered a set of lyrics penned by her late husband. The song “Hey Ringo” – about George’s band mate in the Fab Four Ringo Starr – was found inside an envelope in Billy Preston’s piano bench.

Olivia Harrison was at an event celebrating the new extended edition of George’s 1980 memoir I Me Mine when she showed Starr the set of lyrics on display. The drummer responded that he had never seen the words or knew anything about the song before seeing them hanging on the wall. Olivia described the revelation to Billboard, telling the outlet:

[L]ike the song “Hey Ringo.” Ringo had never seen it until last Saturday [at the gallery/pop-up store]. He said, “Hey, I’ve never seen that before.” And I said I hadn’t either. I guess it was in the piano bench in an envelope. And there was this song called “Hey Ringo” that they think was from around 1970 or 1971. And it’s really sweet. I’m going to get it framed and give it to him because it’s really sweet. It’s like “Hey Ringo, or something, “That without you my guitar plays far too slow.” That was a big revelation and surprise. Ringo was totally surprised and really happy. What a gift to have all these years later.

Head over to Billboard for more from Olivia on other recent discoveries in George’s archive.


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