New Beatles BBC Collection Due In November

Way back in 1994 The Beatles put out The Beatles Live At The BBC which compiled 56 tracks of songs and 13 bits of dialog recorded between 1963 -1965. This November Capitol Records and Apple will release On Air -Live At The BBC Volume 2 which the New York Times reports will contain an additional 63 tracks the Fab Four recorded for the BBC.

According to the Times, the second volume of BBC recordings will include “40 songs and 23 spoken segments, with interviews, introductions and studio banter.” We’ll get to hear raw versions of big hits such as “Please Please Me,” “She Loves You,” “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “This Boy” and “And I Love Her,” as well as previously unreleased covers including Stephen Foster’s “Beautiful Dreamer,” “Lucille” by Little Richard, Chuck Berry’s “I’m Talking About You” and even “Happy Birthday.”

On Air -Live At The BBC Volume 2 is due on November 11.