Around The World In A Neddy Daze Edition: The Necks, Tennger, Tamikrest, Joose Keskitalo, Richardo Richaid & Sei Still


The Necks: Three

Yes, friends, it’s that time again … time for another one of our patented trips around the globe, stopping along the way to find whatever worldly musical delights we can wrap our ears around. Today we’ll be hitting every continent, starting down under and working our way back westward. First off is the newest stunner from Australian trio The Necks. Simply titled Three, it’s, yup, three tracks for three musicians. Three adventures of the head-spinning variety. Each 20+ minutes of piano-bass-drum improvisation, three very different flavors, like the three axes of 3-D space. This is serious listening for serious listeners, but deeply, deeply rewarding.


Tengger: Nomad

Our next stop is in Korea where we find the Seoul couple who make up the magical Tengger. Following up last year’s (also RecommNed’d Spiritual 2) is Nomad, just out on Beyond Beyond Is Beyond records. This is brain music of the highest order, a fractal inward journey of analog and digital. Ambient waves of sound in new New Age melodic patterns are addictively soothing, almost hallucinogenic in their graceful repetition. It’s called Nomad for a reason, so let your mind wander to new places. Seriously, check it out, I think you’ll dig.


Tamikrest: Tamotaït

After a long flight, we land in Mali where there’s always thought-provoking new music to be had. Out of a large field of must-hear music coming out of the Sahara, Tamikrest continues to be one to keep your eye on. Their latest is Tamotaït and it’s desert-hot blazing rock and roll with that Tuareg spirit, the band’s best yet. Hypnotic vocals swell over bright, spiraling guitar riffs and slow groove rhythms. The new classic rock is coming out of Mali and Tamikrest shows yet again that they’re at the forefront.


Joose Keskitalo: Nukkekoti

Our next stop is up to Europe, all the way to Finland, where we find Joose Keskitalo. This is another repeat appearance and I’ll repeat what I said last time I rec’d him: it’s hard to find out anything about this guy without learning Finnish first. That gives his music an additional swatch of bizarro energy, like pop music from an alternate universe. You may not know what he’s singing about, but the songs on his latest, Nukkekoti, are delicious fun with playful melodies, an enchanting storytelling voice and a weird mashup of styles and influences. It’s something different, but familiar all the same. Try something new!

Richardo Richaid: Travesseiro Feliz

Getting closer to home, we’re now in Brazil. The next rec is from someone brand new to me, Richcardo Richaid from Rio de Janeiro. His debut record, Travesseiro Feliz, is in that category of “came out of nowhere and knocked me out.” The title translates to “happy pillow” which is kind of wonderful on the face of it. The music is a delightful mix of groovy folk and Brazilian exotica and tropical psychedelia. It’s a giddy blend, and Richaid makes it work, crafting a rather impressive, highly listenable album on his first attempt. Can’t recommend this one enough, please do listen and pass it on.


Sei Still: Sei Still

And finally we make it back to North America, but not before a stop in Mexico City for a band that maybe doesn’t sound like it’s from Mexico City. They’re Sei Still and their self-titled debut is decided Eurojam in flavor with expert psychedelic drones and a motorik chug that pays tribute to their krautrock influences, with some strong Moon Duo vibes, while forging a new path of their own. This one’s out on the Fuzz Club label that’s worked its way onto my everything-they-out-out-is-great list. These Sei Still jams and all the rest of this week’s picks should get you back to your final destination in one piece, happy travels and stay safe y’all.