Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini Share ‘Auburn Whisper’ Single

Watch the couple star in the official music video for the title track from their forthcoming studio album.

By Scott Bernstein Mar 3, 2022 12:29 pm PST

Natalie Cressman and Ian Faquini mix traditional Brazilian rhythms with contemporary arrangements on Auburn Whisper, a new studio album set for release through GroundUP Music on April 15. The couple and musical partners previewed the 13-song effort by unveiling its title track along with an accompanying video.

Trombonist, songwriter and vocalist Natalie Cressman wrote and recorded Auburn Whisper with Brazilian composer, guitarist and vocalist Ian Faquini in 2020. Many of the songs on Cressman and Faquini’s follow-up to 2019’s Setting Rays Of Summer were informed by the disappointment they experienced when the pandemic hit and foiled their plans to tour extensively behind the LP.

After returning to California when COVID forced a halt to live music, the duo took solace in and pleasure from weekly recording sessions held at the home studio of Natalie’s father, Jeff Cressman. “[The process] was all very organic. Without any commitments or restraints, we were able to take the time we needed to realize these songs and bring them to life,” Natalie, a longtime member of the Trey Anastasio Band, explained in a press release. Natalie and Ian produced Auburn Whisper themselves and Cressman used the opportunity to expand on her skills as an arranger. “The arrangements took on a big role in the overall sound of the album,” added Cressman.

In most cases Cressman penned English lyrics for songs in which Ian came up with the melodies. The pair made the most of the studio as opposed to the live tracking featured on Setting Rays Of Summer with multiple layers of trombone and vocals. “With the extra time, we were really able to pay attention to detail,” noted Natalie. “Normally, it would have taken us years to write this music.”

“With the year that 2020 could have been, there was certainly a feeling of loss. But it ultimately gave us time to be creative—something that we rarely have when we’re touring,” reflected Cressman. “Together, we were able to get back to the heart of why we really love music.”

“Auburn Whisper” tells the tale of the couple’s early days together at Brazil Camp in Cazadero, California’s scenic redwood forests. “The magic and beauty of the redwoods just fit with those feelings of opening up to somebody, musically and romantically,” shared Natalie. Cressman and Faquini star in the video for the album’s title track. Watch the resulting visual below:

Auburn Whisper Tracklist

  1. Afoxé pra Oxum
  2. Rear Window
  3. Canaã
  4. Auburn Whisper
  5. Benção de Iansã
  6. Segredo de Dadá
  7. Cazadero
  8. Curandeiro
  9. Already There
  10. Ralando Coco
  11. Hood River
  12. Doutor Escobar
  13. Madrugada

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