Musicians Around The World Celebrate ‘Christmas In LA’ With Vulfpeck


In 2015, Michigan funk act Vulfpeck unveiled their breakthrough studio album, Thrill Of The Arts. One of the songs featured on the LP was a tune that instantly became a holiday classic, “Christmas In L.A.” Today, in honor of the holiday, Vulfpeck has shared a new version of the funky original featuring musicians of all ages from throughout the world.

“Christmas In L.A. (All Over The World 2017)” starts with a youngster from Ireland singing the start of the tune and continues with a teenaged French woman singing the second portion of the tune. Then, an English choir picks up where the kids left off. Viewers also see an a capella group from Washington, D.C.; a rock band from Manitoba, French and German musicians singing and performing “Christmas In L.A.” The video also includes footage of Theo Katzmann crowd-surfing while singing “Christmas In L.A.” during a Vulfpeck concert in Dublin.

Celebrate Christmas around the world with Vulfpeck fans:

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