Music Benefactors: The Music Industry’s Go-To Funding Source

By Team JamBase Mar 8, 2021 3:08 pm PST

Music Benefactors is the go-to funding source for the music industry. Due to the inherent risks of the music industry, securing financing from traditional sources has been historically difficult. When financing is available, it is typically expensive and with restrictive terms.

Music Benefactors is an SEC-registered investment platform created to solve the funding problems of recording artists, music entrepreneurs and independent businesses by enabling them to partner with fans and investors who love music. Musicians, indie labels, music publishers, venues, producers and other music businesses use the platform to connect with fans/investors that fund projects and fulfill capital needs. Music Benefactors structures favorable funding solutions so that fans/investors share the income that the projects generate.

“Traditional Crowdfunding With Guardrails”

Music Benefactors gives artists the money needed to be truly independent. Independent has meant not being signed to a major label and too poor to properly market music. Funding can go toward projects like touring, recording videos, monetizing back catalogs, working capital requirements, acquisitions, joint ventures and more. Music Benefactors supports artists to allow them to be well-funded independents with control of their music.

Fans and investors help them accomplish this. Fans have always driven the music business. Music Benefactors’ platform enables fans to take larger roles in helping artists succeed and good music to be made. Fans are providing the capital which allows independent artists and music businesses to compete and thrive in an industry dominated by enormous corporations.

An established or new artist can use the platform to raise capital to fund a new album. Rather than selling a back catalog, an artist, label, or publisher can sell shares via Music Benefactors’ platform at a favorable cash flow multiple, maintaining control and management of the catalog. Independent labels can raise capital for projects or to sign and market new artists.

Venues can apply for Covid Survival Financing, cashflow-friendly debt to survive the pandemic with no payments due until concerts resume. And once concerts do resume, Music Benefactors can help support touring expenses when artists are able to get back on the road.

Music Benefactors wants to turn recording artists into General Partners and fans into Limited Partners. You can compare the music industry to the commercial real estate industry. There are three major labels in music. There aren’t just three commercial real estate developers in the United States. Thousands of successful real estate developers built their businesses by partnering with investors providing capital to complete projects.

Music can be the same way.

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