The Mother Hips Announce New Album ‘Chorus’ & Share Single

By Andy Kahn Apr 27, 2018 1:21 pm PDT

The Mother Hips will release a new studio album Chorus on Blue Rose Music on June 8. The record will mark the 25th anniversary of the California-based band and features the lead single “It’s Alright.”

Produced by Karl Derfler and recorded in Oakland, co-founding guitarists Tim Bluhm and Greg Loiacono and drummer John Hofer were joined by Jackie Greene on bass on the Hips first album since 2013. In the years between, Bluhm suffered a near fatal speed flying accident and underwent emergency surgery for a recently ruptured appendix.

“Starting with these really fleshed out studio demos was exciting because it meant we could listen back months later with fresh ears,” said Bluhm. “We could realize that a song might be more effective if we played it a little faster or sang it a little higher. It was like having a second chance to get everything just right.”

The lead single “It’s Alright” is available to stream and download. An official video for the song will be posted to Facebook tomorrow, Saturday, April 28 and on other platforms on Monday, April 30. The Mother Hips will host an album release party with a show at The Fillmore in San Francisco on June 9. The event will benefit the Blue Rose Foundation, which provides preschool scholarships to financially disadvantaged children.

“We were thinking about the Greek chorus, and how they were sort of the interpreters, the collective consciousness of the play,” said Loiacono. “That led to thinking about the wider Mother Hips world and all the fans who are such an important part of everything we do. For us, ‘Chorus’ means that there’s more to The Mother Hips than just the musicians and the lead singers. There’s this whole other side to the band that’s made up of everybody who’s part of this journey with us.”

Stream “It’s Alright” here:

Chorus Tracklist

  1. Clean Me Up
  2. Didn’t Pay The Bill
  3. End Of The Chorus
  4. It’ll Be Gone
  5. Hit Me There
  6. It’s Alright
  7. I Went Down Hard
  8. January
  9. High Note Hitters
  10. Meet Me On The Shore
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