Morphine: Greatest Hits Set

Greatest Hits Collection, At Your Service, out October 6
Two-Disc Set of Unreleased Studio And Live Recordings Captures Morphine’s
Inimitable Sound On The 10-Year Anniversary Of Lead Singer’s Untimely Death

Singer Mark Sandman coined the phrase “low rock” to describe the sonorous, languid groove he created with the acclaimed Boston band Morphine. Sadly, the band’s time together was cut short in 1999 when Sandman suffered a heart attack in Italy while onstage with Morphine and died on the way to the hospital. A decade later, Rhino will pay tribute to Sandman’s ferocious creativity and Morphine’s instantly recognizable sound with a two-disc collection of unreleased studio tracks, alternate takes and live performances. At Your Service will be available October 6.

The 35-song compilation takes its name from the line Sandman used to kick off most shows, “We are Morphine at your service.” The music spans the group’s entire career and features founding member Dana Colley (saxophone), original drummer Jerome Deupree and his successor, Billy Conway. To commemorate the 10-year anniversary of Sandman’s passing, the surviving members will play a memorial concert in Pacific Park in Cambridge, MA on September 27.

At Your Service Track Listing:
All songs previously unreleased

Disc 1 – Shadows
1. At Your Service
2. Come Over
3. Come Along
4. It’s Not Like That Anymore
5. Patience (Alternate Version)
6. Call Back
7. Bye Bye Johnny
8. Hello Baby
9. Women R Dogs
10. You’re An Artist (Alternate Version)
11. 5:09
12. Lilah II
13. Moons Of Jupiter
14. Lunch In Hell
15. Imaginary Song (Alternate Version)
16. Shadow (I Know You Part V)

Disc 2 – Shade
1. Good (Live – WMBR ’92)
2. Only One (Live – WMBR ’92)
3. Shoot ‘Em Down (Live – WMBR ’92)
4. “Saddest Song (Live – WMBR ’92)
5. Claire (Live – WMBR ’92)
6. I Had My Chance (Alternate Version)
7. Buena (Alternate Version)
8. Empty Box (Alternate Version)
9. All Wrong (Alternate Version)
10. Put It Down (Wo-Oh) (Live – WMBR ’93)
11. Free Love (Live – WMBR ’93)
12. Sexy Christmas Baby Mine (Live – WMBR ’93)
13. Scratch (Live – WMBR ’93)
14. Super Sex (Live – WMBR ’93)
15. Radar (Live – WMBR ’93)
16. I’d Catch You
17. The Night (Alternate Version)
18. Take Me With You (Alternate Version)
19. Shade (I Know You Part IV)