My Morning Jacket Welcomes Horns & Works Rare Covers Into Night Two In Broomfield

By Andrew Bruss Dec 31, 2017 7:37 am PST

Images & Words by: Andrew Bruss

My Morning Jacket :: 12.30.17
1st Bank Center :: Broomfield, CO

My Morning Jacket‘s second of three nights in Broomfield, Colorado picked up exactly where the first left off. Yesterday, the bulk of the setlist emphasized lower key tunes and it wasn’t until their three-song encore that things were full steam ahead.

They started off Night Two with a take on “Circuital,” a track off their 2011 album of the same name, that’s proven to be a tried and true opening number. Jacket was joined by a trio of horns on “First Light,” “Easy Morning Rebel,” and “Run Thru,” and while their plans for NYE remain to be seen, it’s hard not to see this collaboration without hoping it’s a tease of what’s to come.

The highlight of the night was a rare cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “America,” that was followed by a “Steam Engine” which may have been the high water mark of the run up to that point. Frontman Jim James spoke in a previous JamBase interview about how in his younger years there was something in him that wanted to head bang and jump around on stage whereas in recent years his calling has been to be still and present in his mind. My Morning Jacket is closing in on their 20 anniversary and although James’ performance style has become less physical in nature, this “Steam Engine” was all the proof you need that he currently has the best howl in Rock ‘N’ Roll.

The main set ended with a cover of “Purple Rain” that came the night after The Revolution performed it as the opening act. Jacket didn’t start playing “Purple Rain” until the death of Prince and although they played it numerous times throughout the remainder of 2016, it never felt as sharp as some of their over covers. That said every time they’ve played it since, lead guitarist Carl Broemel has gotten better and better at Prince’s holy grail of a solo and the version that closed the proper segment of Night Two was the tightest they’ve performed to date.

The encore featured covers of songs by both Bob Dylan and Marvin Gaye and although “Like A Rolling Stone” felt like a fitting grand finale, they followed with a barn-burning “Magheetah” that’s as fun loving a song as you’ll find in their catalogue. Night One of the run found Jacket starting to crank up the speedometer and by the end of the Night Two, they were cruising at highway speed. If they continue at this pace, by the time the ball drops, they’ll have broken the speed limit with reckless abandon. Tune in tomorrow for our continued coverage of My Morning Jacket’s New Years run in Broomfield, Colorado.

Watch videos from Saturday’s concert:

[Like A Rolling Stone | Captured by Eric Nelson]

[America | Captured by Kimball Reynolds]

Here’s a full photo gallery captured by Andrew Bruss:

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My Morning Jacket at 1st Bank Center

  • Circuital
  • Off the Record
  • The Dark
  • The Way That He Sings
  • First Light  
  • Picture of You
  • Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
  • Only Memories Remain
  • Master Plan
  • Easy Morning Rebel  
  • America  
  • Steam Engine  
  • The First Time  
  • In Its Infancy (The Waterfall)
  • Run Thru  
  • I'm Amazed
  • Purple Rain  
  • State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.)  
  • Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)  
  • Like a Rolling Stone  
  • Mahgeetah
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