Moon Hooch Shares Free EP ‘The Joshua Tree’

 Photo by Jay Sansone


Drums and horns trio Moon Hooch earlier this year released the full length album Red Sky. The band has made an eight song (nine track) follow-up EP entitled The Joshua Tree available for free download.

Drummer James Muschler and horn players Mike Wilber and Wenzl McGowen wrote and recorded the new EP live in a studio built in a rented house near Joshua Tree National Park. Here’s more on the new release from McGowen:

We rented a house and set up a little studio in the Mojave desert just outside of Joshua Tree National Park. We got together in the same room with our instruments and said, “Let’s just hit it” and started playing whatever came to our minds. Somehow this process created eight songs. Don’t ask us where they came from, but we certainly enjoyed bringing them to this planet.

Head here to enter an email address for access to The Joshua Tree. If so inclined, the band is also accepting donations from those who chose to download the new EP.

“Joshua Tree National Park was an incredibly inspiring atmosphere which helped to open up our minds and ears,” said Wilbur. “Every day we would hike the dead sandstone mountains and take in the dry desert air, allowing for a new type of musical expression we’ve never experienced before. After a few days of struggling to compose things individually we decided to get together and create spontaneously. Images of desert animals and Joshua Trees flashed before my eyes while new sounds emerged from our instruments.”

The Joshua Tree Tracklist

  1. Sandstorm
  2. Dancing Dwarf
  3. Mountain Lion
  4. Jiggle
  5. Criminals
  6. Improv Intro
  7. Improv
  8. Ballad
  9. Outer Urge

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