moe. To Take A Break

Tucked into moe.‘s email newsletter this past Tuesday was this statement:

“After moe.down, moe. will not be playing any more shows for some time. The band is taking a break with the intent of returning again in 2009.”

The note also announced, “This summer, moe. will embark on one of its biggest summer tours to date. The band intends to spend most of June and July on the road. The tour will begin at Summer Camp and wind down in early August. moe. will finish out the summer at moe.down 9 in Turin, NY.”

The exact dates of the summer tour and this year’s moe.down have not been revealed but moe’s Summer Camp 2008, taking place May 23-25 in Chillicothe, IL, just added the New Pornographers, Girl Talk, Mifune, The PMG, Sub-ID and Waterstreet have been added to the bill.


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