moe. Plays ‘The Simpsons’ Themed Halloween Show In 2002


Jam stalwarts moe. are currently on hiatus, as bassist Rob Derhak awaits his prognosis after finishing cancer treatments. moe. sure knew how to celebrate Halloween with such as themes as “Tarantinmoe.,” The Big Lebowski, Dark Side Of The Moon and Star Wars. One of our favorite moe. Halloween shows was a The Simpsons themed performance that took place at RPI’s Houston Field House in Troy, New York on October 31, 2002.

moe. mixed originals and songs from the TV show over the span of two lengthy sets and an encore. The band members were all dressed as Simpsons characters and the stage was set up like Moe’s Tavern from the TV show. Opening act Particle even got in on the act by playing pool at the on-stage pool table during the first set before engaging in a full band segue with moe. “See My Vest,” “Bagged Me A Homer” and the “Itchy and Scratchy Theme” were among The Simpsons songs moe. performed that night.

Take a listen to an amazing audience recording from taper Scott Gordon via


Set One: Simpsons’ Theme*, Plane Crash, Itchy and Scratchy Theme*, Bullet** > moe./Particle Jam > The Elevator > Particle/moe. Jam > Moth, Itchy and Scratchy Theme, Bagged Me A Homer*, Itchy and Scratchy Theme

Set Two: Flaming Moe’s Theme* > Spaz Medicine, Itchy and Scratchy Theme, Kyle > Kids, Itchy and Scratchy Theme, See My Vest*, Itchy and Scratchy Theme, Spine Of A Dog > Simpsons’ Theme > Buster

Encore: Captain America, Simpsons’ Theme

* First time played
** With Steve Molitz of Particle on keyboards.