moe. & Blues Traveler Open Co-Headlining Tour In Farmingville


moe. and Blues Traveler kicked off a co-headlining tour on Thursday at Long Island Community Hospital Amphitheater in Farmingville, New York. Each band played a set with a special cover-filled performance featuring members of both groups fit into the middle of the concert.

Blues Traveler began the night with a set they opened with the classic “Sweet Talking Hippie.” The band went on to perform many beloved favorites such as “Dropping Some NYC,” “Run Around,” “But Anyway,” “Stand” and “The Mountains Win Again.” John Popper and company closed out their portion of the concert with “Hook.”

Popper and Ben Wilson from Blues Traveler teamed up with moe.’s Al Schnier and Jim Loughlin for BT’s “100 Years” to start the collaborative set. Next up was a cover of “Reelin’ In The Years” by Steely Dan featuring Chuck Garvey, Rob Derhak and Vinnie Amico of moe. joined by Traveler’s Wilson, Chan Kinchla and Tad Kinchla. moe. original “Happy Hour Hero” followed with a lineup of Derhak, Schnier, Garvey, Wilson, Brendan Hill, Loughlin and Popper. The Kinchla’s were both on board for a cover of “Dead Flowers” by The Rolling Stones that also featured Wilson, Amico, Popper and Schnier. The set concluded with a take on The Who’s “Join Together” that saw Tad and Chan assist Chuck, Ben and Brendan.

moe. ended the night with a catalog-spanning set. “LL3” bled into “The Road” before Derhak led a version of “Nebraska” that gave way to the recently debuted “Screaming & Kicking.” It was then Schnier’s turn up front on “Threw It All Away” ahead of “Crab Eyes.” moe. brought their set to a close by pairing oldies “Akimbo” and “Timmy Tucker” and then returned for a “Spaz Medicine” encore.



Blues Traveler at Long Island Community Hospital Amphitheater

  • Sweet Talking Hippie
  • The Wolf Is Bumpin'
  • Dropping Some NYC
  • Jam  
  • Run-Around
  • When You Fall Down
  • But Anyway
  • Stand  
  • NY Prophesie
  • The Mountains Win Again
  • Hook

Blues Traveler & moe. (via moe. Facebook)

Set: 100 Years*, Reelin’ In The Years**, Happy Hour Hero^, Dead Flowers^^, Join Together%

  • * w/ Ben Wilson, Al Schnier, Jim Loughlin, John Popper
  • ** w/ Ben Wilson, Chan Kinchla, Tad Kinchla, Rob Derhak, Chuck Garvey, Vinnie Amico
  • ^ w/ Ben Wilson, Brendan Hill, Chuck Garvey, John Popper, Jim Loughlin, Rob Derhak
  • ^^ w/ Ben Wilsonm, Chan Kinchla, Tad Kinchla, Vinnie Amico, Al Schnier, John Popper
  • % w/ Ben Wilson, Chan Kinchla, Tad Kinchla, Chuck Garvey, Brendan Hill, and Rob Derhak on mouth harp

moe. (via moe. Facebook)

Set: LL3 > The Road, Nebraska >(nh) Screaming And Kicking, Threw It All Away, Crab Eyes, Akimbo > Timmy Tucker

Enc: Spaz Medicine

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