Mini-Documentary: Holly Bowling – Distilling A Dream


Pianist Holly Bowling is the focus of a new 13 minute independent short from the makers of a film about the Phish and Russell Wilson connection. Distilling A Dream tells the story of Holly, a classically trained pianist from San Francisco, and the musical career she is building by interpreting and recording the music of Phish.

In the mini-documentary below, we learn about how Phish’s performance of “Tweezer” in Tahoe from 2013 inspired her to start interpreting the foursome’s songs and the role Marco Benevento played in her recent rise to glory. Benevento is among the musicians who weighs in on the Holly Bowling story. The film includes exclusive footage from Holly’s first-ever East Coast date last August in Philadelphia, where Phish bassist Mike Gordon was in attendance.

Watch Holly Bowling: Distilling A Dream:

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