Mike Gordon & Leo Kottke Live In 2005

During each of Phish’s multi-year breaks in the 2000s, bassist Mike Gordon used time away from the band to team up with master guitarist Leo Kottke. In 2002 the pair released their first collaborative album, Clone, and re-teamed again in 2005 for their sophomore LP, Sixty Six Steps which was also supported by a tour. Earlier this week Cactus shared a photo he took with Kottke (seen in the tweet below), and while it appears to be little more than old friends hanging out together, it sparked a desire to revisit the live tour the two talented musicians embarked upon a decade ago.

Below is video footage from Mike and Leo’s performance on September 16, 2005 at Mississippi Nights in St. Louis uploaded by skriddler (and filmed and produced by STLBlues). Mixing songs from both of their album releases, including a cover of Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion” and Pete Seeger’s “Living In The Country,” as well as a few Kottke originals and more. The concert also includes insightful and fun banter between the two musicians who talk about their experiences playing and recording together.

Setlist (via Phish.net)

Set One: Disco > Clone, Living In The Country, William Powell, Don’t Call Me Ray, From Pizza Towers To Defeat, Sweet Emotion, Standing in My Shoes, Invisible, The Last Steam Engine Train, Rings, I’m Going Back to the Old Home, Ojo > Too Fast > Airproofing

Encore: Machine No. 2

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