Phil Lesh & Justin Mazer Among Midnight North’s Guests In Ardmore

By Scott Bernstein Jun 10, 2021 9:19 am PDT

Midnight North welcomed Philadelphia-based musicians guitarist Justin Mazer and keyboardist Al Smith as well as Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh to guest on Wednesday night at the Ardmore Music Hall in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Phil Lesh, Midnight North guitarist Grahame Lesh‘s father, has sat-in with the band at every show they’ve played so far this month.

Justin Mazer (American Babies) augmented the quartet for the entire concert as he will again tonight at Phantom Power in Millersville, Pennsylvania. Midnight North and Mazer opened last night’s show with “Wild Card,” the lead single from the group’s 2021 album There's Always A Story. The band stuck with material from their new LP for “Good Days” before offering a cover of Gillian Welch’s “Dry Town.”

Midnight North then played a run that included “Echoes,” “The Highway Song,” “Playing A Poor Hand Well” and the title track from 2017’s Under The Lights as well as There’s Always A Story standout “We’re Not Alone.” The frame came to a close with a cover of Gram Parsons’ “Luxury Liner.”

The members of the band gathered around a single mic to kick off Wednesday’s second set with “Silent Lonely Drifter” and “Coyote.” Al Smith then emerged to guest on The Band’s “Caledonia Mission.” Midnight North kept the focus on There’s Always A Story with “The Sailor & The Sea,” “Earthquakes” and “Mississippi River.” Next, Smith returned for The Rolling Stones’ “Sway” before Phil Lesh came out to play bass on Midnight North original “Wind & Roses” and the Grateful Dead classic “Jack Straw” to end the set. Phil was also on hand for the evening’s “Greene County” encore.

Stream an audience recording of the entire show taped by Keith Litzenberger below:

Watch fan-shot video featuring Phil Lesh and Justin Mazer adding to Midnight North’s “Wind & Roses”:

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Set One: Wild Card, Good Days, Dry Town, Echoes, The Highway Song, We’re Not Alone, Playing A Poor Hand Well, Under The Lights, Luxury Liner

Set Two: Silent Lonely Drifter, Coyote, Only Children*, The Sailor & The Sea, Earthquakes, Mississippi River, Sway*, Wind & Roses^, Jack Straw^

Encore: Greene County^

  • Entire Show With Justin Mazer on guitar
  • * – w/ Al Smith on keyboards
  • ^ – w/ Phil Lesh on bass

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