Mid-Winter Rock-Out Edition: Dommengang, Curtis Roush & Dead Vibrations

By Aaron Stein Feb 22, 2018 11:07 am PST

Dommengang: Love Jail

As winter hits that will-it-ever-end midpoint, it’s a good idea to get the blood pumping with some good, old-fashioned rock and roll. Don’t fret, the RecommNeds have what you need. We’ll start with Dommengang who bring the heat on their new record, Love Jail. This is classic, turn-it-up electric guitar vibing with a dash of boogie and a pinch of down-the-rabbit-hole spicing things up. This album kicks ass, plain and simple, you should probably listen to it.


Curtis Roush: Cosmic Campfire Music

While we’re on the subject of kick-ass, Bright Light Social Hour is a band that always does. Well, BLSH’s guitarist, Curtis Roush, is just out with his first solo album and it’s pretty much what you’d want from a first solo album from a guitarist from a kick ass band. The record is called Cosmic Campfire Music (which is, it must be said, a great album title) and it captures some the Social Hour’s escapist rock sound while forging on in a slightly different direction. Dreamy and thoughtful and, yes, plenty a-rockin’ this is a great debut from Roush, hopefully the first of many. I hope you do enjoy this one.


Dead Vibrations: Dead Vibrations

Finally, we take a look over to Sweden and find Stockholm’s Dead Vibrations recently out with their self-titled album on Fuzz Club Records. This is a record meant to be played loud: a bombastic bump of guitars and a high-in-the-mix bang of drums for good measure. Reverb and fuzz and all that good stuff and a restless energy bring the quartet into overdrive from the drop of the first track and they never really let up. Somewhere between a heavy doom and a swirling psychedelic, Dead Vibrations are sure to knock you clean out of the February doldrums…so what are you waiting for?


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