Michael Franti & Spearhead: Yell Fire! Live

By: Brian Heisler

In a special appearance in Belgium, the great peacemakers Michael Franti & Spearhead recorded this live set encompassing much of the band’s most recent studio release, Yell Fire!, along with a few older favorites. Even in Europe, bridging the language barrier gap, Franti throws out many signature calls of “How you feelin’?,” extending himself to the crowd to make a unique connection and show the positive vibe and hope he emits in the real world setting. This live album is certainly indicative of any performance with Michael Franti, finding him pouring his heart out for his concerns in Iraq along with his wishes for general peace and happiness across the world. For as much as Franti does to generate awareness for social causes, this recording shows he does just as much to celebrate life, getting crowds genuinely happy, if only for a few minutes of their day with joyful tunes like “Sometimes,” “Everyone Deserves Music” and “Everybody Ona Move.”

JamBase | Belgium
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